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Salmon River - Mile-by-Mile Guide

River Mileages
Hammer Creek to Pine Bar Boat Ramp        11 miles
Pine Bar to Eagle Creek                29 miles
Eagle Creek to Snake River confluence        13 miles
Salmon and Snake River confluence to Heller Bar    20 miles
Total: Hammer Creek to Heller Bar            73 miles

Mile 0 – Hammer Creek Recreation Site
Mile 0-7 – Numerous camping opportunities on big white sandy beaches before dropping
into Green Canyon.  
Mile 6.8 – Schwartz Bar.  Extensive evidence of mining activity.
Mile 7 – Shorts Bar.  There is a large pictograph site near the end of the bar.  A short hike
leads you to the site which also offers a dramatic view of the area.  
Mile 7.1 – Green Canyon entrance
Mile 7.5 – Wright-Way Drop Class III
Mile 8.8 – Demons Drop Class III
Mile 9.7 – Pine Bar Rapids Class III-
Mile 9.7 – Pine Bar Recreation Site
Mile 9.7-11 – Several large camping sites
Mile 18-19 – Several large camping sites
Mile 19.2  - Large camp with a Chinese rock house located just above the beach.
Mile 19.4 – Cougar Canyon entrance
Mile 22 – Low water spring located on river right just above a set of class II rapids.
Mile 24.5 – Two very large camping opportunities at White House Bar just before
dropping down into Snowhole Canyon.  
Mile 24.6 – Snowhole Canyon entrance  
Mile 26.5 – Bodacious Bounce Class III
Mile 27.3 – Half and Half Rapids Class III
Mile 29 – Snowhole scout on river left.
Mile 29.4 – Snowhole Rapids Class IV
Mile 31-32 – Several camping opportunities
Mile 33.8 – China Rapids Class III
Mile 34-44 – Numerous camping opportunities
Mile 36.2 – Billy Creek Crossing.  A portion of the trail from the1877 Flight of the Nez
Perce.  Great opporunity to see the remnants of a classic pit house.
Mile 39.1 – Eagle Creek Rapids Class III
Mile 39.1 – Eagle Creek Road access
Mile 44.5 – ¾ mile hike up to the historic Wapshilla Ranch on river right.  
Mile 45.4 – Stunning examples of columnar basalt.  
Mile 47.5 – Blue Canyon entrance.  A couple of camp spots are located near here.
Mile 49.1 – Devils Slide Rapids Class IV-V at flows of 20,000 cfs and higher.  In very
high water, these are the most dangerous rapids in the Lower Salmon River Canyons.  These rapids cannot be lined or portaged without great difficulty.  Scouting during high flows from river left is mandatory and quite hard.
Mile 51-52 – There are a couple of medium sized camps located in this area.
Mile 52 – Eye of the Needle Rapids Class III
Mile 52 – Snake River Confluence
Miles 52-73 – On the lower end of Hells Canyon