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Permits and River Regulations

The Salmon River Canyons is managed by the Bureau of Land Management- Cottonwood Office.  This page includes information pertinent to permit requirements, including information for rafting and camping on the Salmon River.  The Bureau of Land Management does not recommend floating the Salmon River Canyons at flows above 20,000 cfs.  Most commercial outfitters will not float this section at flows above 30,000 cfs.  If you choose to raft at high flows, a very difficult portage of the Devils Slide is highly recommended.  Please see the Best Time to Go page for more information.  For additional or updated information on permits and regulations, please contact the BLM.  1(208)962-3245

▪ Self-issue permits are required and available at both Hammer Creek and Pine Bar
Recreation Sites.  There are no fees, except for the Invasive Species Sticker
discussed below, associated with these permits. 
▪ The BLM has set the maximum group size at 30 people per trip. 
▪ Leave No Trace camping ethics are mandatory.  Pack out what you pack in!
▪ Fire pans are required for all camp and cooking fires.
▪ Carry out all ashes and collect only driftwood for fires!
▪ Carry out all human waste with a system that can be emptied into an appropriate  
treatment facility such as a trailer dump station, home toiled, or a Sanitizing 
Containers with Advanced Technology (SCAT) machine.  Plastic bags may not be
used to store or transport waste. 

In 2009 the Idaho Legislature passed a new law requiring boaters to purchase an Idaho Invasive Species Fund sticker prior to launching their vessel.  Funds generated by sticker sales are going to support a statewide initiative to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species into Idaho.  There is an exemption for inflatable, non-motorized boats that are under ten feet in length.  Stickers are available through a number of outlets.  These include all Idaho State Parks and Regional Service Centers, online, and by mail. Fees as of 2010 are $10 for resident boaters.  Non-resident boats are charged $20 and the fee for non-motorized vessels is $5.  To learn more go to: Idaho Species Fund for more information.