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Salmon River Raft Companies

Professional rafting companies that offer trips to the public operate under special use permits from the Bureau of Land Management, the federal agency that administers the river corridor. There are a limited number of companies and they must also be licensed by the State of Idaho which also has a bonding requirement.  Different companies offer different styles of trips.  Some have a boat that travels ahead of the group and set up camp.  Others run their trips in a more participatory manner.  Whichever way you choose, you're sure to have a fantastic time rafting the Salmon River.

Some questions you might want to ask an outfitter before signing up, would be:
1) How long have you been in business?
2) How many years have you been running trips on the Salmon River?
3) How many years experience do your guides have on average?
4) Do you offer any specialized training for your guides in terms of the cultural and natural history of the river?
5) What style of trip do you run?  More catered or more participatory?
6) Where does the trip start and end and is there commercial air service to that point?
7) Do you provide all the equipment I need, or are there camping items I have to bring such as sleeping bags or tents?
8) What sort of food do you serve?
9) Do you run trips that are especially for families?  What is the minimum age child we can bring?

Salmon River Raft Companies

ROW Adventures

ROW Adventures has been operating trips on the Salmon River since 1982.  We created this website to be a useful resource for people considering a trip on the Salmon, whether with an outfitter or on their own.

Since 1979 ROW Adventures has been Idaho's leader in whitewater rafting and outdoor adventure vacations.  Sustainable, authentic and responsible travel ethics are a key distinguishing factor that have led ROW Adventures to be named to National Geographic Adventure Magazine's "Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth."  ROW Adventures' guides are trained as Certified Interpretive Guides by the National Association of Interpretation, so they can more effectively share their knowledge of the cultural and natural history of Idaho's rivers.  Their knowledge, an emphasis on providing a high level of guest service and excellent all-around guiding skills, make ROW Adventures' guides some of the best in the world of adventure travel.

Rafting Vacations on the Salmon River:

Family Rafting on the Salmon River Canyons - ROW pioneered "family rafting" trips on Idaho's Salmon River. This trip cascades guests down 60 miles of Idaho's famous "River of No Return" and is specifically designed for families.

Middle Fork Salmon Rafting - A legendary trip indeed! Among whitewater rivers in the world, the Middle Fork of the Salmon rafting trip separates itself from the pack with a 3000 foot drop over 105 miles. The world's favorite wilderness rafting trip!

Lower Salmon Rafting - The Lower Salmon offers whitewater rafters warm water, massive white sand beaches and short hikes to historic sites of the Nez Perce Indians.


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