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Travel Directions

There are two separate put-in options; Hammer Creek and Pine Bar.  The Hammer Creek Recreation Site is located at river mile 52.5.  You will find a concrete boat ramp, restrooms, drinking water, fee campground, and parking.  This is the primary put-in for the Salmon River Canyons.  However, if you are short on time, the Pine Bar put-in located at river mile 42 will suit you just fine.  This location also has a concrete boat ramp, restrooms, drinking water, and a fee campground. 

Hammer Creek is located just south of Whitebird, Idaho.  If traveling from the North, take Highway 95 South until you reach the bottom of the Whitebird Grade.  At the bottom of the grade you will find Hoot’s Café.  Shortly after the Café you will see an information sign directing you to Hammer Creek.  You will turn west and continue down the road until you come to a bridge.  Follow the bridge across the river and the signs will lead you the rest of the way to the put-in. 

The turnoff for the Pine Bar Recreation Site is located just south of Cottonwood, Idaho.  A couple miles south of Cottonwood there will be an information sign directing you to the “Weiss Rock Shelter”.  Follow the signs direction so that you will be traveling west.  You will reach an intersection and need to take a left onto Graves Creek Road.  Follow this road until it splits.  If you take a right you will arrive at American Bar.  If you take a left you will reach Pine Bar. 

During the highwater season, when it is highly recommended not to run the Devil’s Slide, there is an option for taking out at Eagle Creek.  This is a very rough, primitive access road with no facilities and only suitable for high-clearance vehicles. Only the bravest at heart travel this route.  It can be accessed through either Winchester or Ferdinand, Idaho by utilizing a lot of unmarked roads.  If you are considering this as an option, contact the BLM for more specific directions. 

Heller Bar, the most frequent take-out for both lower Salmon River and Hells Canyon trips is located just outside of Asotin, Washington.  To arrive from Clarkston, Washington  travel south on Highway 129 to Asotin.  From there it is another 45 minutes south on Snake River Road.  Heller Bar will be on your left, just before the community of Rogersburg and the confluence with the Grande Ronde River

Approximate One-Way Shuttle Distance and Times

▪  Hammer Creek to Heller Bar        125 miles / 3 hours
▪  Hammer Creek to Pine Bar            40 miles / 1 hour
▪  Pine Bar to Heller Bar            110 miles / 2.5 hours